Stretching Does The Body Good

women wearing all black stretching at BOARD30

Stretching your body is one of the most important parts of working out. It is a key component to building strength and flexibility. That’s why BOARD30 incorporates stretching into all of our routines and classes. We know how important it is to stretch your body.


good stretch before, during, and after a workout can make all the difference. Stretching can help relieve pain, increase flexibility, improve circulation, and even help you relax. Our muscles shorten and tighten as we age, but a good stretch can help them remain flexible and lengthened.  This also helps increase the blood flow to the muscles and flush out any byproducts or waste that may be hiding out. Flexible, loose muscles often experience fewer injuries and soreness. This means less pain after a workout and a more enjoyable lifestyle. We encourage our clients to stretch before and after each workout to maintain a healthy and safe lifestyle.


Our team at BOARD30 has worked hard to develop classes that are not only fun but effective and rewarding. That’s why we have included stretching as a key part to each class. Not only are stretches hidden elements in our routines, we have also added extra time onto our 30-minute classes to include stretching. Each class includes 30 minutes of routine and 10-15 minutes of stretching making them about 45 minutes long. Stretching is a key element to our full body program. We want each person to leave knowing they got the most out of their time here. Stretching allows them to stay healthy and unwind after an intense session.

At Board30 we want our clients to have the full experience and leave knowing they got the most out of their workout. A full body stretch is a great way to end each session. For more on our classes or program check out our website or contact us today!