Maximize Your Workout: Discovering the Benefits of Resistance Band Training Methods

resistance band workouts

Resistance band training has emerged as a highly effective and versatile workout method, capable of delivering impressive results. One of the key advantages of resistance band training is its ability to target specific muscle groups, allowing for greater muscle engagement and definition. Unlike traditional weightlifting exercises, resistance bands provide constant tension throughout the entire range…

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Our Favorite Energy Boosting Snacks

cup of yogurt with fruit in it and on a pink background with a wooden spoon laying next to the cup

Do you experience that afternoon slump? The post lunch tiredness that sets in and leaves you dragging the rest of the day. The best thing to do during this time is listen to what your body may be needing. There are a few things that could be the cause of this mid-day slump. An energy…

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How to Build Better Sleep Habits

woman's feet in bed with white sheets and blankets

Sleep is one of the most fundamental parts of our health. Poor sleep or inconsistent sleep can derail the rest of your health. Keeping a healthy sleep schedule is important to building an overall healthy lifestyle. According to the American Sleep Association sleep problems are the number one health concern in society. The key to…

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Infused Water Recipes to Boost Your Water Intake

a mix of oranges and pomegranates cut in half so their seeds are showing

We all know that water is an important part of our diet and health. It makes up 60% of our body and provides for many of our body’s functions. Without it our health and well-being suffer, but many prefer a more flavorful taste. Carbonated drinks, juices, and other choices are chosen over the plain taste of water.…

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The Benefits of Yoga

women stretching with resistance bands at BOARD30

Yoga is far from a new practice. It’s routes flow all the way back to ancient Hindus and across the early western world. There are early mentions of travelers from the east coming to India to study yoga and learn its ways. Something so ancient and long-lasting must have lasted so long for a reason?…

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Heart Healthy Snacking

February isn’t just about hearts because of Valentine’s Day, it’s American Heart Month! All month long we’ll be celebrating heart health at BOARD30 and encouraging you to keep you heart healthy. According to the American Heart Association most cases of heart disease are preventable with the proper lifestyle and management. This month you can make…

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