By Floery Mahoney, Owner and Founder of Board 30

Resistance band training has become one of the fastest-growing trends in fitness.  As I attempted to work out with resistance bands, I was frustrated by the lack of continuity and programming. Even how you had to use them, finding an anchor point was difficult and usually involved furniture or a door. When developing the Board30 resistance band training method, I found ways to create safe anchor points and programming that worked for both group fitness and in-home workouts. The board allows multiple anchor points and angles to work from, leaving no muscle unused during one of our 30-minute, full-body routines. 

BOARD30 Resistance Band Workout

As time went on, I wanted even more angles of resistance, which led to the development of our ceiling, wall-mounted, and door-mounted resistance band systems. The overhead system adds low impact cardio options that are endless. The resistance bands reduce the impact as you land from a jump creating an almost weightless floating feeling. This low-impact workout can significantly improve joint function and reduce pain from inflammation or lack of cartilage.

 Our Board30 studios are popping up all over the country! We incorporate music with the workout creating a fun and stimulating atmosphere; you’ll find that classes fly by! You’ll also receive quicker results from our 30-minute programming. 30 minutes is the optimum workout length allowing your body to gain strength, stamina, and toning more quickly and safely than longer, more grueling workouts that break down the body. Find a studio in your area, or decide to join our team and open a Board30 studio in your area! Get Boarding! You’ll never look back!