BOARD30 Resistance Band Workout

What is BOARD30? At the core of this new fitness franchise on the rise is Floery Mahoney. Floery previously owned a pilates studio until she stumbled on a new workout approach that ties resistance bands, yoga, pilates, circuit training and HIIT workouts into a whole-body, 30-minute fitness system. She cut her regular 90-minute cardio then strength training sessions down to a 30-minute high-intensity studio workout and saw results unlike ever before. Floery experimented with and perfected her training before launching the BOARD30 fitness system starting in Santa Fe, New Mexico and spreading worldwide to franchise owners.

The high-intensity interval training (or HIIT) workouts Floery incorporates into BOARD30’s program are powerful. They require less time but your full energy for a quick period before your body moves into stress mode. Correctly utilizing and toning your muscles for a shorter period of time frees up more time in your day while also providing you with results that will surprise you.

With no heavy weights or intimidating machinery, BOARD30 is a unique way for people of all fitness levels to target their muscles with a low-impact, personalized full-body movement experience. The studios consist of mats and resistance bands with multiple anchor points which allows for an endless range of motion to challenge every muscle in the body. The minimal amount of equipment used in studios equals a lower startup cost for upcoming or potential franchise owners.

BOARD30 studios are popping up globally as a hot new fitness franchise. Beginning with Floery’s flagship studio in Santa Fe, big cities around the nation followed in those footsteps and were welcomed into Chicago, Denver, Fort Collins, Las Vegas, Boise and Ponte Vedra Beach. This year BOARD30 will welcome 7 new boutique fitness franchise studios including the very first global reaching studio in Tokyo.

If you are someone who, like Floery, strives to have a positive impact on the lives of those around you, your journey can begin with BOARD30. Our studios maintain marginally low startup costs compared to main fitness franchises and we are here to support your vision along the way. All of our studios have their own personality which reflects that of the owner directly and we love adding new personalities to our brand. Let’s band together on this fitness mission. Visit our global site for more information on the program as well as ways to contact us with questions or interest in starting up your franchise.